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The UDCVS meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month at the 'Thorney Park Golf Club', Thorney Mill Lane, Iver, Bucks. SL0 9AL (sometimes it’s the 2nd Wednesday in December) starting at 8 p.m. Map

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Being a Football Referee

   Talk by: Colin Downey

VENUE:- 'Thorney Park Golf Club', Thorney Mill Lane, Iver, Bucks. SL0 9AL.

DATE:- Wednesday 20th September 2017

TIME 8.00 p.m.

This is for our members who are fans of the professional football game.

I must admit I am not at all interested in football at any level. I have seen two professional matches. The first was when I was at school (about 1950) my friend was a Brentford supporter, so I went to one game I think it was against Hull. The second was at Wembley to see Liverpool; my daughter was a Liverpool fan, that was about 1980. I am glad to say it was a passing fantasy. Her two boys are not at all interested in the game, I am happy to say.

But as I have said before Anne and I go to the Brentford stadium bar once a month for the Jazz Club, they have a different Traditional jazz band there every month.

Now back to football Colin has been refereeing to the highest level, FA Cup Finals and Internationals, etc. I don't think you can get any higher than that.

The referee is responsible for the laws of the game and time during a match.

He qualified as a referee in 1965, but started at a lower level of football. Then in 1973 he was a linesman for three years.

He then became a fully qualified referee for the next twelve years.

He was the assistant referee at the 1983 Cup Final at Wembley, and refereed many internationals matches. And premier league games.

Looking at the list of Cup final referee's I think they only have “one go at it” In the cups history only one man has done it twice.

In 1988 Colin gave up the running around, and became Head of the Referee's Association. Which includes reporting on other referee's etc. &, looking after them at the Cup Final, this takes about three days.

When I wrote to Colin to book this talk, in his reply I quote “your surname is interesting. I worked with a man at the Post Office Savings Bank at Kew, in the mid 50's He was known as Terry, any relation- I wonder”  Terry is my father who passed away in 1974.

Film Night

   With: Frank Banfield

VENUE:- 'Thorney Park Golf Club', Thorney Mill Lane, Iver, Bucks. SL0 9AL.

DATE:- Wednesday 18th October 2017

TIME 8.00 p.m.


Malcolm Terheggen