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The UDCVS meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month at the 'Thorney Park Golf Club', Thorney Mill Lane, Iver, Bucks. SL0 9AL (sometimes it’s the 2nd Wednesday in December) starting at 8 p.m. Map

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Being an Independent Funeral Celebrant

   A Talk By: Sue Smith

VENUE:- 'Thorney Park Golf Club', Thorney Mill Lane, Iver, Bucks. SL0 9AL.

DATE:- Wednesday 15th November 2017

TIME 8:00 p.m.

This month’s talk was originally booked for March 2016, but Sue got lost on her way to the golf club, coming from East Sussex. She did phone us and explained the situation, on the night. That is why I rebooked the talk.

Year before last year, Ron Groves gave me Sue's name, and said she was very good speaker. She presided over his father, Basil, funeral.

I am sure that many of you remember Basil, he was a club member for many years with his camper van.  Basil told me that he was in the Army during the war, and went over to France on the second day of the D-Day invasion.  

Anyway what is a Funeral Celebrant, I had to look it up on the inter-net.

“It is a formal term denoting members of a

group of non-clergy professionals. Who are

committed to preparing and delivering high quality funeral ceremonies which are not closely linked to any religion or belief in an after-life.”

I do not know much about funerals etc., but this happened to a friend of ours, from Burry, Lancaster. When Derek died, he was cremated. For some reason his ashes were sent back to the church and were put on the altar, and his partner was not told until a week later.

When she eventually went to collect then the vicar said he was only too pleased to get rid of them.

It seems that there was a wedding on the Saturday, and one of the guests had a heart attack, so an ambulance was called.

The next day at the church service, the verger tripped over and split his head open on the corner of the altar, so the ambulance was called again.

The vicar said he thought there was a curse on it, and was not happy about the ashes being scattered in the church grounds. So they went back in the night and scattered the ashes without telling the vicar.

Christmas Dinner


VENUE:- 'Thorney Park Golf Club', Thorney Mill Lane, Iver, Bucks. SL0 9AL.

DATE:- Wednesday 13th December 2017


Malcolm Terheggen