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Chairman - Chris Brooks  

November 2017


Thank you to all the members who have sent in their renewals. It is good to see return of previous as well as new members.

If you have not yet renewed please could you send your form and payment to Norma as soon as possible.

Please remember that if they are not received by the end of December we will not be able to send you a magazine in the New Year. You also need to have renewed to attend our Christmas dinner.

Last month’s club night was Frank Banfield’s film night and once again he didn’t disappoint with a great collection of old motoring films which kept everyone entertained. I was talking to Frank to try and remember how long he had been providing the October Club Night entertainment and we worked it out his first visit was 1995 which makes it 22 years. Another member asked where he stored his hundreds of films and he replied “in my hallway”.

Following on from the original article on the H2O Water Bomb from Roger Brown and subsequent e mail and letter from Bob Mitchell and Geoff Lee my neighbour and club member Alan Bullock brought me a brochure from a company called CGON. This company is offering a modern equivalent which is hydrogen based. This would appear to increase miles per gallon and reduce emissions. Reading through the brochure this product can be both fitted to petrol, diesel and LPG engines without any modifications. So it just goes to show that early ideas for increased efficiency can still be developed through to the modern age.