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Chairman - Chris Brooks  

September 2017



In October’s edition of the magazine it will contain your membership renewal form; please may I ask two things that you return it to Norma as soon as possible and that you remember to fill in your e mail details. This is because we are going to set up an e mail communication group. This will enable us to get information out to all of you at the click of a button and will take away any delay where information needs to get to you quickly. I am often asked for cars to be displayed at short notice and have to turn down the request as I am not able to contact members in the time frame.

Next month there will be two pages of photographs of my annual visit to Welland Steam Fair. My brother and I were very lucky with the weather as the rain held off all day and the site, although muddy, it was not too churned up bearing in mind this was the third day of the show. I have included this photograph as a taster of what I saw.

Last month’s club night was a talk on Hughenden Manor during WW2 by Fritha Irwin. I never knew that the RAF had used Hughenden for map making for use by Bomber Command in World War 2. Fritha gave a very polished presentation and I know that the members who attended enjoyed her talk very much.

We are down to one page of events for September. I cannot believe that this year’s rally season is almost over. It seems to have gone in a flash. I hope everyone has enjoyed the shows and displaying your classic vehicles.