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Chairman - Chris Brooks  

August 2017



At last month’s club night, which was our annual club BBQ we held a very short Extraordinary General Meeting which club rules require to allow a change of name. The members present all voted for the new club name to be Uxbridge Classic Vehicle Club and I had also received one e mail and one verbal instruction in favour of the new name.

The plan now is to start to prepare for the name change at Companies House, Bank details etc and then re-launch the club in 2018, which will be our 55th year. We will be celebrating this anniversary with a special event which your committee will start planning early 2018. As part of the re launch we will hopefully have available new club regalia, polo and sweatshirts, caps and it is also planned to update the club equipment we use on the rally fields. Later on this year I will publish details of the new club logo for you to comment on. This logo again is in the planning stage but will have been designed by a professional, thanks to our committee member Steve Birt.

The BBQ was a great success with 60 members and friends attending. We were very lucky with the weather and we were able to stay outside for the whole event. Thank you to Denise for organising the BBQ. I know Denise spent a lot of time making sure the evening went well.


This year’s Auto show saw us slightly down in our members numbers but with reasonable weather and a good mix of vehicles it still proved to be successful. In the middle of the day we put on an arena event which gave the public an idea of what the club is about. Details of the trophy winners are on the Auto Show page further on in the magazine.

I would like to thank Doug, Mary, Ian & Jane, Malcolmn Gray, Alec McCutcheon and Steve Birt who helped set up the club stand on the Saturday evening also everyone who supported us during the day especially Doug for all his organising and marshalling  and Ana who took the photographs in her capacity as Club Photographer.

Lastly I have received a letter from Eric Wiggins of Uxbridge Rotary Club thanking us for showing our cars in Uxbridge shopping centre as support for the advanced ticket sales. The members involved were Mary & I with our Austin 7 with Tim Leman and his Morris Traveller on the first Saturday and Stephen Dimmock with his FX3 Taxi and Keith Wallace with his MG Midget, on the Saturday prior to the show.

Thank you to Rob and Denise for doing the club raffle at our June meeting while Mary & I were on holiday. Also to thank Alec McCutcheon for what I understand was a very well prepared talk, complete with a power point presentation on modern IT. I am sorry to have missed it but I have asked Alec if he would be able to give something similar at a later date. I am sure we can all benefit from an insight into the mysterious world of Twitter, Facebook etc.