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Chairman - Chris Brooks  

July 2017


Further to my last months From the Chair regarding the change of club name I have to date not received any objections so I will now take it forward to the EGM at the July club BBQ night.

With reference to other club matters I still have not had any conversations with anyone regarding the position of Rally Secretary. Out of all our members I am sure that there must be someone who is able to take over the role from Doug, who has given many successful years to this role. Please understand that you would not be dropped in at the deep end as Doug and I would give you all the help and support you may need with the start of the 2018 rally season.

Over forty of us had a great day out at Sir William McAlpine’s Fawley Hill Railway and Museum.

We managed to get all of our classic cars gathered together in front of the museum and in the station yard.

Ana has taken some great photographs including this one of our young club member, Lewis, riding in the cab of the steam engine that runs right through the McAlpine’s estate.

Jane and I had a great time riding on the carousel and we both found the horses’ rather hard going after a while. The carousel was a birthday present to Sir William from his wife and is a permanent feature in the grounds.

I would like to thank Mark and Helen Hamlin for all their hard work in providing the passes and accepting our original application for our club visit.