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About the UDCVS

The UDCVS Committee

For those of you who are just visiting this WEB site and don't know Uxbridge, it is a busy town in the county of Middlesex approximately 20 miles west of London in the UK and close to London's Heathrow Airport.

The Society was formed in 1963 as the Uxbridge and District Vintage Vehicle Society with the object of preserving and promoting the enjoyment of the historic motor vehicle. The Society changed its name in 2000 to reflect the wider range of members vehicles now participating in the society’s activities.

The Society's membership stands at around 220 members.

A monthly 28 page magazine containing technical features, items of general interest, current vehicle legislation, rally information, maps and advertisements is distributed free to all members.

Monthly meetings are held at the 'Thorney Park Golf Club', Iver on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, where members are able to get together. An activity such as a film, slide show, guest speaker or a quiz is generally organised for each months meeting.

The main event we attend each year is the 'Uxbridge Auto Show' in July where we have over sixty vehicles on show in our display area.

If you would like to meet us before joining, visitors are always welcome at our meetings. Those joining from 1st August will be given 3 months grace so their membership will be valid for the whole of the following year.

Annual Subscriptions:

Ordinary/Joint £25.00 (partner), Under 16 Free

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